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Simon Shui-Man KWAN

Department of Cultural & Religious Studies
Associate Director
Divinity School of Chung Chi College
The Chinese  University  of  Hong Kong

關瑞文 教授

B.SocSc. (HKU);
Ph.D. (CUHK)

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  Recent News:



  • Simon will be on "Teaching Relief" during the 1st term of 2015-2016, and "Long Leave" from Jan to mid-May 2016. In case of any urgent matters, please contact my colleagues at (852)39436705. Thanks.


(852) 39436709






Favorite Quote


In 1916, G. B. Foster said,"With reference to this whole question, it may be said that usually the candidate for ministry... enters the divinity school as a finished religious and theological product, but that, in consequence of his studies there, he departs unfinished, growing aware that his personality, with its religion and its theology, are alike in the making. A divinity school that achieves such a result has fulfilled its function in the life of the human spirit."

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